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Water for All - All for Water

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At Viva con Agua South Africa, we're tackling the critical issue of unequal water access. Millions lack clean water and sanitation, leading to health disparities. If solved, every community would enjoy equitable access to safe water, fostering health, dignity, and overall well-being for all.
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Was Deine Finanzierung bewirken kann
More funding for Viva con Agua South Africa means they can do more good. They can help more communities get clean water and better toilets. They can tell more people about the importance of water and hygiene. With more money, they can build things that last and help even more people have a better life with clean water and health.
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Über uns
Viva con Agua South Africa is fueled by a deep dedication to provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene for everyone, guided by the universal languages of sports, music, and art. Our mission 'Water for All and All for Water' drives us to bridge access gaps in underserved communities through impactful projects. Our diverse team collaborates to ensure healthier lives and enhanced dignity. With the belief that clean water is a fundamental right, we advocate, educate, and innovate, pushing towards a future where all communities flourish through safe water access.
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Das Team
  • Ajay Paul


  • Phumelele Muthali

    Business Development & Compliance

  • Zulfah Kara

    Finance Manager

  • Phelisa Magoqoza

    Community and Network Developer

We are happy to share with you the profound impact we've achieved over the past year, driven by our commitment to water access and community empowerment. With your support, we can continue to make a difference through our comprehensive ‘Water for All and All for Water’ initiatives.

Imagine the impact of your contribution on 50 schools and 20,000 children in Bulungula, Eastern Cape. By enhancing school infrastructure, promoting hygiene behavior, and creating safer learning spaces, your partnership will directly shape better futures.

Amanzi Kumntu Wonke (Water for All) Project
By joining us, you'll be part of transforming the lives of 35,000 individuals across 6,100 households in Amathole District, Eastern Cape. Together, we're empowering communities through sustainable water access, fostering collaboration, and enabling local change.

Nina Manzi (WASH Bus) Initiative
With your support, we can impact 1,000 homeless individuals in Cape Town. By restoring dignity, providing sanitation services, and creating connections to broader support networks, you'll help us guide individuals towards a better path.

Universal Languages for Behaviour Change
Your partnership with us can revolutionize communities through innovative approaches like art, music, and sport. By contributing, you'll be championing healthier lives and stronger community bonds.

Community and Network Development
Join our vibrant community of over 5,000 supporters who share a belief in water as a fundamental right. With your involvement, we'll amplify our efforts through impactful events, campaigns, and collaborations that advocate for SDG 6.

Bulungula Community Radio
By backing us, you'll help us reach over 100,000 people in 69 villages through the Bulungula Community Radio. Your support will enable us to provide vital health information and empower youth in a creative hub.

We invite you to be a catalyst for positive change. Your potential contribution will have a direct and lasting impact on individuals and communities, fostering well-being and achieving the vision of ‘Water for All and All for Water’.
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