Founders Pledge: Global Catastrophic Risks Fund

Supports highly-impactful solutions to help prevent the most severe global catastrophes.

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Humanity faces existential risks, including war between great powers, natural and engineered pandemics, thermonuclear war, threats from advanced artificial intelligence (AI), and frontier military technologies. 

These global catastrophic risks have the potential to kill hundreds of millions, even billions, of people alive today. We can come together – scientists, policymakers, engineers, military leaders, and motivated citizens – to mitigate them; it's happened before.
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Was Deine Finanzierung bewirken kann
Founders Pledge: Global Catastrophic Risks Fund is a pooled philanthropic Fund, directing money when and where it's needed most.  We aim to:

  • Reduce the probability of large-scale catastrophic events
  • Mitigate the potential negative impacts of these events if they occur
  • Improve our ability to anticipate new and emerging risks on the horizon
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Über uns
Founders Pledge is a global non-profit with offices in Berlin, London, San Francisco and New York. We equip members with everything needed to maximise their impact, from evidence-led research and advice on the world’s most pressing problems, to comprehensive infrastructure for global grant-making, alongside opportunities to learn and connect. 

Our Funds are philanthropic co-funding vehicles, which pool charitable donations from individuals around the world and grants them to the most effective and impactful projects.
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Das Team
  • Christian Ruhl

    Senior Researcher

The Global Catastrophic Risks Fund tackles far-future threats and takes action now to help protect every human being alive today. We find opportunities to support highly impactful and neglected initiatives to reduce the probability of worldwide catastrophes and mitigate their consequences.

Our decision-making is guided by three core values: impact, innovation, and flexibility:

  1. To maximise impact, our grant portfolio includes both direct interventions, like funding the development of new crisis communications technology or personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as research and hits-based bets. Hits-based bets are initiatives where success is less certain, but where there is potential to improve many more lives if successful.
  2. We are committed to innovation, including developing new and better approaches to grantmaking, and providing seed funding for novel projects
  3. We maintain flexibility to respond rapidly to emerging crises and windows of opportunity. We work with networks of domain experts, trusted partners, and government decision-makers to identify new opportunities, and deploy funds in the most effective ways.
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  • GCRF 2023 Impact Report