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Given limited resources - time, money, knowledge - how can we ensure our charitable giving does the most good possible? 

Founders Pledge knows that finding the top charities takes significant time, energy, and focus. We believe it’s worth finding them, given the opportunity to have an outsized impact. We research solutions to the world’s biggest problems so charitable giving can be directed towards the most effective and impactful interventions.
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Was Deine Finanzierung bewirken kann
Founders Pledge operates globally from registered non-profits in Germany, the UK, and US. We provide the research, advice, and infrastructure for our members to support the high-impact charities transforming our world.

Membership is free, and we don't take cuts from our members' giving. As a non-profit ourselves, we’re grateful to be funded by our members and other generous donors who believe in our work as an impact multiplier (in 2023, for every $1 invested in our mission, $22 was moved to the charitable sector). Thanks to their support, our community is making a difference for humanity, the planet, and our shared future.
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Über uns
Founders Pledge is a non-profit empowering entrepreneurs to do the most good possible with their charitable giving. We equip members with everything needed to maximize their impact, from evidence-led research, to comprehensive grant-making infrastructure, alongside opportunities to learn and connect. 

We launched out of Founders Forum — Europe's foremost network of digital and technology entrepreneurs — in 2015. Since then, our drive to make high-impact giving the norm has seen our member base grow into a global community of almost 2,000 members from more than 40 countries. Together, they have pledged over $10 billion to charity and already donated more than $1 billion to the charitable sector.
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Das Team
  • David Goldberg

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Charlotte Monico


We’re focused on maximizing impact in everything we do, and encourage entrepreneurs to apply the same rigour and thoughtfulness to their philanthropy as they do to their business.

Find Founders Pledge's latest Impact Report - here.
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