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Nature is underpriced and underfunded, by the trillions. At the same time her services are becoming more economically relevant and valuable, if not critical: to provide biodiversity, water and carbon sequestration, to protect communities and wildlife, to stabilise agricultural supply chains, to balance portfolio footprints for regulators and – importantly – to store value. This is what motivates us: to mobilize new funds and to invest in these services provided by nature.

We believe that new solutions and mechanisms are needed to achieve positive outcomes in nature. Conservation efforts must increase in speed and scale. That is why we are committed to supporting initiatives that leverage technology and financial expertise for preserving global biodiversity and restoring degraded landscapes.
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Our ambition & call to action
Nature is critical infrastructure. We need to find a new way to reward land stewards, communities and countries to restore and protect critical ecosystems. Africa is home to 25% of the world's remaining biodiversity - that's where we decided to start!

  • Invest into Africa’s largest conservancy, which manages 22 million hectares of pristine nature. AP protects some of the most precious remaining habitats, the last remaining great migrations, the largest gorilla populations, critical tropical forests and peatlands. For as little as ~20 USD a year AP can keep indigenous communities and animal populations safe. 

  • Change the way we look at nature: As an investment in our collective future. We use latest technologies to assess whether natural capital has been preserved or increased over the course of a year. These measurements of intact nature are translated into Verified Nature Units (VNUs) that can be purchased and held in an account for you. They represent your Nature Wealth, which can grow in impact and value year over year. 

  • Become part of a fantastic journey: Bringing the vision of the Montreal Biodiversity Summit to life. 190 countries adopted the historic Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework and committed to protect 30% of the planet by 2030. African Parks has developed an exciting vision how to make the 30by30 goal a reality in Africa. By using the natural treasures as an anchor for resilient nature-based economies. Be a pioneer investor in this vision.
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