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High Impact Funding Recommendations by Founders Pledge
Given the limited resources available – time, money – how can we do the most good possible?

This question drives us more than any other, and we think it's equally relevant and important for individuals, philanthropists, family offices, and foundations.

It's a critical question because charities can achieve vastly different results. The top charities addressing any given problem can be 10x, 100x, or sometimes 1,000x more effective than the rest. And the solutions we intuitively turn to are often not the most impactful ones.
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Founders Pledge methodology
Finding the top charities for any cause area takes significant time, energy, and focus. We believe it’s worth finding them, given the opportunity to have an outsized impact. We research solutions to the world’s pressing problems so that our members can direct their charitable giving towards the most effective and impactful interventions.

We're guided entirely by evidence and the pursuit of impact. We remain neutral about the causes we address and the beneficiaries of our work. We believe that improving or saving the lives of humans today, future generations, and animals are all important and morally valuable.

In this list, you find the organizations  we've evaluated that meet our criteria for effectiveness and pass our impact benchmarks.

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Gesamtfinanzierung: 83.650,00 €
an Organisationen gegeben: 83.650,00 €

Effektiv Spenden-Fonds: Armut bekämpfen

64.750,00 €

The Humane League

14.700,00 €

Good Food Institute

4.200,00 €
Unsere Wirkungsziele

01 Keine Armut


02 Kein Hunger


03 Gesundheit und Wohlergehen


12 Nachhaltige/r Konsum und Produktion


13 Massnahmen zum Klimaschutz


19.600,00 €

7.600,00 €

600,00 €

17.500,00 €

8.900,00 €

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